Political Consulting covers a wide variety of services provided by independent experts and professionals for political parties or politically and socially active individuals. Services can be also provided for third sector, trade unions and various social and political movements.

Political Consulting is not just about advising or marketing. Political Consulting could be an oral advice, complex electoral quantitative or spatial analysis, crisis management of a political party or assistance to MPs. In short, Political Consulting includes all services related to politics which external experts are able to provide.

We strive to provide the widest variety of political consulting services. We are able to provide a simple guidance, qualitative and quantitative analyses, prolonged media representation, as well as crisis communication and crisis management. We are also able to establish a political party, organize an electoral campaign. We are able to adapt to the requirements of clients, but mainly advice what services they actually need.

In our work; as appropriate, we are used to cooperate with other professionals in the political consulting field, advertising, media, HR, creative or other agencies, photographers, lawyers or other professionals.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner for our clients and provide them vocational and professional services related to their political and social activities.

The list of services is not final and limited; we are able to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

  • political consulting
  • political marketing
  • political management
  • political crisis management
  • political campaigns. electoral management
  • electoral and political analysis
  • communication strategies
  • coaching
  • establishing of political parties
  • administration of political parties
  • other